It is vitally important that you heed these instructions because there is a strict protocol that must be followed when placing your order for an authentic Philly Cheesesteak. 

So, how’s it work?  First, you must be in the right frame of mind. 

You must know exactly what you want and then assuredly voice your request.  Here are the four simple steps:

1. Whole or Half? - most people who go for the half end up regretting it.

2. Choosing your cheese - choose one of three varieties of cheese - Provolone, American or “Liberty Wiz” our own special recipe cheese sauce (Hint: “Wiz” is the choice of purists and the most delicious way to have it)

3. Wit or Witout?  Translation from Philly English to the Queen’s English: do you want sautéed onions on your cheesesteak?

4. Putting it all together: Confidently declare - Whole or Half + the name of the cheese you’d like + the onion preference - for example “Whole Wiz Wit” or “Half Provolone Witout” and you’re done!

If you mess up your order, don’t worry, it happens.  Step aside, so as not to hold up your fellow customers, think about where you went wrong, then rejoin the queue and give it another go.  Practice makes perfect and a cheesesteak tastes better after a bit of adversity.

Adapted from I.M. Hungry's "How to Order a Steak"