It's finally time. We have been working hard over the last 3 years to bring you THE best Cheesesteaks this side of the Atlantic, and to our loyal fans, thanks to your support,  we are happy to announce that come February we will be extending the Philly Experience to a Restaurant & Bar in central London! 

As we move towards expanding that experience we have decided to adopt a new name and re-brand in order to truly capture the essence of Philadelphia and it's culture. The name and logo will stay on brand with what you have grown to love, as well as pay homage to the Cheesesteak and it's origins, but it'll also expand on what Authentic Philadelphia is all about!

Say hello to Passyunk Avenue: Philly Food | Cheesesteaks | Dive Bar. 

What better name to choose then the prominent street in South Philadelphia and the birthplace of the humble Cheesesteak!

With the new name and opening of the Restaurant & Bar we will endeavour to truly immerse you in the culture we grew up in, and show you why we embarked on this journey in the first place.  

We look forward to seeing you all there soon, but in the meantime click on the logo to check out our new website where you can sign up to our newsletter for news on the opening!

Passyunk Avenue Team.





The Liberty Cheesesteak Company was founded with one mission: to bring real Philly Cheesesteaks to London. We take great pride in being the City’s first and only producers of the authentic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich – Accept No Imitations!

We’ve taken great care to recreate the authenticity of this sandwich because its unique combination of ingredients and preparation are what make it so special. 

Make sure to grab a Cheesesteak at Spitalfields before we leave!

Thanks and we look forward in seeing you soon,

Liberty Team. 

We hope that our attention to detail honours a special part of American culinary tradition - wholesome urban specialties that originated in the diverse ethnic communities that built America’s great east coast cities.

The authentic Philly Cheesesteak is as much about the cultural identity of the city from which it originates as it is about the right ingredients assembled in the right way.  This cannot be faked.

It is simple, unassuming, reliable, comforting, fortifying and delicious – the most delicious sandwich we’ve ever tasted.  
By sharing it with London, we're sharing a little of Philly - the cradle of liberty and our hometown - with the world.